#VoteLabour: Richard Leonard – Walton

Read Surrey Labour’s 2017 County Council Election Manifesto here

Richard-LeonardHi, I am Richard Leonard. I am proud to have been selected to stand as the Labour Party candidate for Walton. I have lived in Elmbridge for 40 years. I have served as a councillor in a London Borough and have been a Parent Governor of two local schools in Elmbridge. I came within a few dozen votes of ousting one of the Tory councillors in Walton North at the Elmbridge Borough elections in May of last year. With your help, we can go one step further this year.

The Tory majority on Surrey County council, which they see as their rightful territory, have meekly imposed the cuts insisted upon by their colleagues in National Government, totally ignoring the needs of local people. They have, for example, increased the charges for meals on wheels, making survival even more difficult for the most vulnerable in our society i.e. the elderly and the frail. Whilst the self-proclaimed caring coalition on Elmbridge Borough council, the Liberal Democrats and the various resident’s societies, including the Walton Society, declined the moral high ground by increasing their take home expenses by a monstrous 12.4%.

Why should you vote for either of these uncaring groups of self-centred, self-absorbed politicians, who, once elected, will ignore the wishes of local people and continue their relentless support of their austerity consumed masters in Whitehall? Only the Labour Party can be trusted with effective policies for social care, Housing, Roads and Transport and the education of Walton children. We are proud of our record in these essential services and we will strive to ensure an increase in those services in Walton.

The current leadership of Surrey County Council has managed to bring humiliation and embarrassment to our county by scurrying, cap in hand, to his friends in the National Government, begging them to help bail out Surrey County Council from having to increase council tax by a huge 15% to enable them to fulfil their obligation to maintain care provision for the elderly and needy of our county. A situation denied by the Tories of Surrey until they were presented with recorded evidence of their duplicity. The very same leadership was given an endorsement by their own party, which speaks volumes for their ethics. Does Surrey really deserve such poor leadership, whatever happened to transparency in local politics? Only the Labour Party can be trusted with your future.

Download the full Walton-on-Thames Labour election leaflet here: #VoteLabour – Walton-on-Thames Richard Leonard.pdf



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