#VoteLabour: Peter Ramsbottom – Hersham

Read Surrey Labour’s 2017 County Council Election Manifesto here

Peter-RamsbottomHello, I am Peter Ramsbottom. I’m standing as the Labour Party candidate for Hersham. I live and work in Elmbridge having moved in 2014 from Weybridge to marry Anthea Butler, who was brought up in Hersham. Having originally worked in the Steel Industry I later became Self Employed and have continued as such ever since.

The political scene is one where there is much need of a voice to stand up for goodness and fairness, and to speak against callousness, selfishness, greed, and hatred. I want to be able to exercise that voice for good and to demand that better mental qualities be employed in Government, both locally, nationally, internationally, on behalf of all of us.

In order for Government to work properly there should be strong leadership and an effective opposition. With only one Labour Councillor out of 82 in Surrey County Council, we all need a greater Labour presence. Give me the opportunity to speak up against the wrongs that are taking place, and to put forward a gentler, more caring, and merciful approach to Government.

Surrey County Council needs an opposition, a voice to speak up and tell them when they are wrong, and someone who will call them to account when they propose such measures as imposing the cuts insisted upon by their colleagues in National Government, making survival even more difficult for the most vulnerable in our society.

We also need to put the proper, permanent, repair of road surfaces and pavements in Hersham high on the agenda. There are far too many potholes, people are getting hurt and vehicles damaged. I care what happens to my neighbours, and I trust that you do too. Give me the chance to take your sense of duty and care into the corridors of power in Surrey.

Only the Labour Party can be trusted with effective, inclusive, policies for Social Care, Housing, Roads and Transport, and the Education of our children and grandchildren. I am proud of Labour’s record in these essential services and will strive, with your support, to oppose any proposed cuts in services where they would harm the needy. I will also work to ensure an increase in vital services for all of our neighbours in Hersham.

Make your vote count on May 4th. Use it, and be part of a force for good. #VoteLabour!


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