#GE2017: 8th June Esher & Walton #VoteLabour


Download our Esher and Walton Labour Party General Election Leaflet: #GE2017: #VoteLabour – Lana Hylands for Esher & Walton.pdf

Lana Hylands for Esher & Walton


I am honoured to have been selected as the Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Esher and Walton.

On 8 June, I will be challenging the Conservative stronghold in Esher and Walton to show that our residents do not have to accept the bad deal they are currently getting in areas such as healthcare, housing and transport. The Labour Party stands for fairness and equality, and I believe that local people of all backgrounds should recognise the valuable voice they have in influencing the decisions which impact on our daily lives and the lives of others.

Having lived in Esher and Walton all my life, I see the impact that Conservative austerity policies are having in locally. I have heard from young and old residents about the insurmountable strain recent laws have put on them, as access to vital services and rights continues to decline. Dominic Raab, the Conservative candidate for Esher and Walton, was elected in 2010 to represent the views of his community in Parliament, yet he most recently failed to fulfil this duty during the EU Referendum. Raab’s Parliamentary record demonstrates how the Conservatives do not act in the best interests of our residents (see http://bit.ly/2pYJK4R / http://bit.ly/2pnGhuH). At a time of high unemployment and when locals are forced to make long and expensive commutes for work, Raab has consistently voted against measures to guarantee jobs for young people who have spent a long time unemployed, and against measures to slow the rise in rail fares. Also impacting negatively on locals were Raab’s decisions to vote 7 times ‘against laws to promote equality and human rights’, and 15 times against paying higher benefits over long periods for those unable to work due to disability or illness.

The Conservatives have held constituencies such as ours because they claim to have strong economic policies. However, they have borrowed more than any other government, and caused the national debt to grow every single year they have held office. In 2016 the debt rose by £91.6 billion, that’s £251 million a day. Despite the debt escalating, vital public services are closing across the country. Cuts to healthcare, welfare and education are forcing teachers to send begging letters home to parents for school resources. Among many other failures, these cuts are denying 160,000 people the support they need through Personal Independence Payments, causing 20 hour waiting times in A&E and leaving vulnerable patients with nowhere to go after treatment due to de-prioritisation of social care. Terrible Conservative economic policy focusses on hounding families on tax rather than billion pound companies, losing the money which would keep our services open. The Conservatives prioritise re-election over public interest, resulting in short-term policy and a failure to meet global long-term targets in areas such as climate change and support for child refugees who are vulnerable to abduction or trafficking. Child poverty and homelessness have mounted to a despicable high, and food bank use continues to increase as people are driven into poverty. The Conservatives’ frequent and intentional underfunding of councils held by other parties also demonstrates a disregard for legitimacy in our government. The same can be said about Conservative election fraud, which was another completely undemocratic attempt to make their administration look more successful than it is.

In stark contrast to the Conservative economic strategy, the Labour Party’s plans have been endorsed by more than 40 leading economists, including a former adviser to the Bank of England. We will improve employment rates by investing £500 billion in infrastructure and industry. We will end housing insecurity by introducing rent controls, defining tenants’ rights, and building over 1 million homes in 5 years- at least half of which will be council homes. Labour will improve employment rights and the means by which to enforce these rights, reducing exploitation, undercutting of pay and unfair dismissals. I will stand with Labour to invest in mental health services and integrate social care with the NHS. On top of this, we will build a National Education Service which will help to provide children of all backgrounds with a fair start in life, and make higher education free so that young people are not disadvantaged by overwhelming debt.

These are just some of the policies that a Labour government will bring into force. Although the recent local elections were disappointing, we can’t give up on the many who desperately need a Labour government in power.
If you would be interested in campaigning for the Party with a real plan for the UK, then please get in touch!

Lana LabourParty



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