Our NHS is in Crisis!

Our NHS is in crisis. It should motivate each and every one of us to act.

This weekend The Red Cross announced it is providing humanitarian assistance to NHS trusts that simply do not have the resources to cope.

I am asking every Labour member to urgently sign up to take action to protect the NHS on Saturday 21 January.

Pledge to take action on 21 January

People are lying on trolleys in corridors waiting to be seen. Hospitals have had to close their doors, unable to admit patients. The health service and social care are at breaking point.

It is a crisis made in Downing Street by this Government.

It is a national scandal.

Despite finding billions of tax giveaways for big business and the richest, Theresa May’s Conservatives failed to find a single penny for the NHS in their Autumn Statement.

The government must cancel their tax breaks for the wealthiest and fund our NHS instead.

I am demanding that the Prime Minister comes to the House of Commons tomorrow and sets out to the British people how she plans to fix her failure on the NHS.

And we need every Labour member to take action.

The NHS needs our help. It has cared for each and everyone of us and now it needs our care.

On Saturday 21 January we will be campaigning in our communities to protect the NHS and social care and argue for a better economic alternative.

Join us now, it has never mattered more.

Jeremy Corbyn MP
Leader of the Labour Party


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