Calais Refugee Children – Update

*** UPDATE ***

Here is the response we received from Ian Riley, who is Raab’s right hand man: 2016-12-letter-from-dominic-raab-re-unaccompanied-refugee-children-in-europe.pdf

On behalf of Walton and Hersham Labour party I sent the following letter to our MP Dominic Raab. I will post his reply as soon as I receive it.
The letter was the idea of Jackie Andrews and was mainly written by her.

Dominic Raab MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA                                                                              15th November 2016

Dear Mr Raab,

I write to you regarding my letter of the 26th October 2016 and Ian Riley’s prompt reply of the 27th October, concerning the refugee children in the squalid Calais camps. The refugee camp may have disappeared but the fate of the unaccompanied child refugees has not left our consciences.
We would welcome an urgent update please, on the progress of Elmbridge Borough Council and Surrey County Council in bringing some of these at-risk children back to our Borough. The destiny of these children is a major concern and we would welcome any update you can provide.
We are particularly concerned by reports that 600 children at risk of being trafficked went missing from the care of underfunded local authorities and 200 have still not been tracked down. Can you assure us that local Child Protection Services are sufficiently funded to deal with those vulnerable children already in their care, wherever they have come from? 

Yours sincerely
Richard Leonard
Walton and Hersham Labour Party


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