Reply from Dominic Raab MP

Following is a reply I have received from Ian Riley, an assistant of Dominic Raab, in response to my email and letter about the Calais refugee children and my email back to him:

‘Dear Me(Sic) Leonard,
Thank you for your email to Dominic.
He is grateful for the time you have taken to write, and wanted me to let you know that he has already written to both the Home Office and Elmbridge Borough Council on the issues you have raised, in order to gain an in-depth understanding of the action being taken. As soon as Dominic has received responses, he will provide you with a copy.

With best wishes,
Ian Riley
Senior Caseworker to Dominic Raab MP
Member of Parliament for Esher and Walton’

and my reply

Hi Ian,

Many thanks for your prompt response to my letter to Dominic Raab about the Calais Refugee Children. I am pleased to learn that he has already asked the relevant authorities for an explanation of their actions so far.

Whilst glad that Mr. Raab has taken some action, we would urge him to exert whatever pressure he can on Elmbridge Borough Council and Surrey County Council to immediately accept their moral responsibility towards these homeless, desperate and vulnerable children. They must assist, with haste, in removing them from the abject squalor they have endured, many for years, to the relative comfort of wealthy Elmbridge.

The Walton and Hersham Labour Party will support unequivocally all attempts to protect these helpless, young human beings and we will closely monitor the actions taken by all parties concerned.

Kind regards
Richard Leonard’





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