Starting to ‘Pop up’ !

We had a great start to our ‘Pop Up’ trial this week – when three of us set up our stall , ‘popped up’ outside the Co-op in Terrace Road, Walton, and started asking local people what they thought would make the neighbourhood a better place to live, and what their priorities for action and change are.

We spoke to around 40 people and were very well received, with a number of common themes being highlighted, primarily:

  • The lack of affordable rented housing in the area – highlighting both the shortage of Housing Association/Council properties, the ever rising rents charged by private sector landlords and the fact that even shared-ownership (part rent/part buy) in this area is becoming ‘unaffordable’ for those trying to get on the housing ladder.
  • Dog poo!
  • The expensive and limited bus services.
  • The cycle path and road changes to Terrace Road!!
  • The limited play and open space areas available across the neighbourhood for children and young people (with these being an ‘after thought’ in many of the new housing developments)

We met with a couple of people who were keen to join the party, and one member who we have encouraged to join us at our weekly coffee mornings.

We’ll be keeping note of everything we are being told, and then thinking of ways in which we can be campaigning for, and seeking change.

A big thank you to Joe and Pasc’s Mum, who provided us with hot drinks!

If you’d like to organise, or help out at, a ‘Pop Up’, do contact Sue Cooper for more details/materials:


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