The Sad Story of Zane

7467102One of our members, Sandra, has been campaigning tirelessly in memory of Zane who was tragically killed at the age of 7.

Zane who lived in Chertsey was killed in the floods of February 2014, Indeed, in the early hours of 8th February 2014, Zane aged 7 and his mum and dad, were all taken ill from their Surrey home which was infused with ‘25,000 parts per million very high readings of Hydrogen Cyanide Gas’ According to the National incident Log read out at a coroner hearing December 2015.
25,000ppm Hydrogen Cyanide is many times greater than used to kill people in WWII Concentration camps.

The family are seeking a detailed Coroners Report into the death of Zane. Indeed, there are fears that a nearby former tip site could still – given similar conditions – be a danger. At the Inquiry all of the bodies (Spelthorne Council, Dept of the Environment etc) will have legal funding to present their case. However, the one side without legal funding will be Zane’s parents. They have been denied legal aid.

The Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett,  has called upon the Prime Minister to intervene and ensure that legal aid is granted. We agree with her, justice must be seen to be done. It is unjust if this family are not provided with the legal support to present their case.

For more information, please see the BBC TV report on this sad story of Zane.


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