Boris Takes Control

We can sleep soundly in our beds now – well I will. The most eagerly awaited answer since Isaac Newton posed the question “Why has that stupid apple just fallen on my head?” has been given. I mean of course… does Boris wear a wig? Sorry, I’m being silly… which way will Boris vote? Will it be leave or stay; will it be for Dave or Nigel or will it simply be for Boris?

Who cares, both of you might ask, well almost one hundred per cent of the media for a start. Not quite hundred per cent though, on the day it was announced the Daily Star’s headline was only concerned with who took the ‘steamy bedroom pictures’ of Cheryl. Somethings never change. Anyway, I digress.

What does unite the right wing media is that they believe Boris’ decision will influence wavering voters into following him. Are there really people out there, stable, normal, shrewd individuals who listen to anything Boris says without laughing out loud? There are? You’re kidding me? Are they serious? So many questions.

Apparently our cousins across the pond are thinking about electing a demented businessman as President. Don’t laugh; they have previously elected a retired B movie actor Ronald Reagan and… well… George W Bush. Trump is a brave soldier though, he has courageously threatened to declare war on … Scotland, all five million of them; has he never witnessed the fans at an Old Firm game? Hmm… Anyway the raving right on this side of the water are offering a slightly paler, watered down version in Boris Johnson as a serious candidate for the top office in this country. Or at least Boris is because this is what the point of which side he will support is all about. It isn’t about whether he believes we should stay or leave the EU, it’s about Boris wanting to be leader of the Tories and, he hopes, eventually the country. He is shamelessly using a monumentally vital issue to enhance his personal position in the Tory Party.

Of course it is not unusual for the Tories to put party before country but this time they really have taken the biscuit; instead of having a serious debate about a hugely important topic which could affect our country for generations they are brazenly using it for a competition between the contenders fighting to take over from Dave. They will have an exclusively internal argument about ‘will it be George, Teresa or Boris’; the thought of any of them being in charge makes me shudder.

This promotes the question, why do these people think they have a God given right to rule the rest of us? Both went to Eton and Boris is after all the Mayor of London, one of the greatest cities in the World. He has managed at a stroke to introduce what could be described as social cleansing to our great city; what a joy he truly is to the ravers on the right. Boris’ rule has coincided with the sale of property in the Capital to international speculators some of whom are allegedly rich crooks and money launderers from all over the globe. A lot of them will never set foot in London and the properties lie empty gaining profit for their dubious owners whilst born and bred ordinary Londoners are forced to move out of their birthplace because they can’t afford to live there.

Ever the clever clogs, Boris bought water cannon from Germany just in case the proletariat vented their frustration by peaceful demonstrating. Unfortunately for him, his fellow Tory and rival for the leadership, Home Secretary Teresa May, promptly banned their use leaving £340,000 worth of second hand machines rusting away in a storage yard. Honestly, I’m not making this up and this is the man who wants to be our Prime Minister. Good grief.

Those of us who have been in politics for a long time, too long some might say, have seen it all before. The Tories ideological ambitions are plainly visible even at a personal level. When they take time off from bashing each other, this referendum offers them a glorious opportunity to put the boot into the EU to punish them for having the temerity to pass laws protecting worker’s rights and safeguarding human rights, anathema to callous Tory dogma. Tory skinheads insist they have to be stopped and Boris is the man to do it. It would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

Whatever your views, June the 23rd is make your mind up time. Never mind the Tories internal bloodletting we have to make a decision which will affect our children and grandchildren for decades. As The Guardian says this decision can’t be left to the Tory party – it’s everyone’s country at stake. It’s not like a game of pontoon – stick or twist; as long as we are not left with Boris.


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